Thank you René -

Girard René, alias « pépé » or « old man » depending where I am. I live in the French Department 01Ain, at the foot of the Jura Mountains. I will soon be 66 years old, I am happily retired, have been married to Mimi (Michelle) for 47 years, 2 children 4 grand children and 2 great grand children

My time is divided between the family, the house and sports (running, biking, cross country skiing and trekking). I have two pets: a white dog, Tim and a white dwarf rabbit, Jeannot…

I love the mountains and nature in general. Since I have started traveling with Serge and Laure I have learned to love the life of a nomad, the unexpected, and sharing. Ah yes, I forgot, I like to “talk”. But I don’t like the rain and stupid jerks!

I have qualities like everyone and one in particular I think, adaptability. Among my defects, I am stubborn and sometimes damn annoying…

I look for frankness and friendship in others and I hate hypocrisy and dishonesty.

What does Mimi think of my long absences? Well, she says that she adapts but she is happy I can take part in this unique Run and Row Tour. We communicate and she follows us daily via the website.

Aside from all that, I am not a fan of the movies and music, except that I like French songs from the 60’s to the 80’s.

My favorite color is red

My favorite food is an authentic tartiflette Savoyard

My favorite wine is Bordeaux, red of course.

Things I will be sure to put in my luggage: family photos, my notebook where every day I write my thoughts and feelings. One day they may be in a book “recollections of a support crew member”. Things I will not put in my luggage: too many clothes (I always wear the same and I don’t care about fashion). Since we will be in the southern hemisphere we can travel light

Ah, yes, my wildest dream is to live beyond 100 in order to accompany Sergio when he crosses Australia, walking when he will be 100. It is project N° 25. My motivation for the Run and Row Tour is the desire to see new horizons, meet people who are extraordinary because unexpected.

I expect that my fellow team members will support me and that we can share the joy that such an adventure offers. The expectation of this particular challenge is to live to the hilt this unique experience, which is surely the dream of thousands of people the world over.

This trip gives me the following feelings: greatness and accomplishment for Serge, our gratitude to have been chosen to accompany him and the pleasure of helping him.

I have no prognosis for success. For a long time Mimi and I have felt that if Serge starts he is ready for this historic challenge.

My role in this « world tour » is that of support crew member, to make Serge’s life easier on a daily basis, as usual.

I have no fears or particular apprehensions. We must be cool and serene, even if we know that this is not a pleasure trip but a “mission”.

What I like best about this long and unique journey is to tell myself that we are real « actors » walking in the footsteps of Jules Verne, who made us dream, we who read so much in the old days “ before we had TV!” as my granddaughter told her teacher a few years ago. See you soon.

THE END, (I have made progress in English, I can hardly believe it!).