The row boat

Soma : My Boat

A thing or an object has no soul and is not something one becomes attached to, especially for someone like me who is not materialistic; however, I will admit that I have kept every pair of running shoes I have used since 1997. So Soma is really more than a thing or an object and I will tell you about her.
«She» for in English boats are feminine, is related to a row boat or a skiff.
Soma saw the day in England in 2012 in the county of Essex. Euan and Matthew built her following the plans of the designer Phil Morisson and under the watchful eye of Charlie Pitcher, her previous owner. It was he who helped Demon Yachts, develop her. Soma is a prototype, she is unique.

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Built of Nomex, she combines strength and lightness at sea but is fragile outside water. She has to be handled with care, especially during moves and launching, which are not easy.

She has travelled once with her previous owner, Charlie Pitcher. They hold the record for the Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to Barbados. This is a formula 1 that I will have to tame. We will spend a lot of time together the two of us, about 14 months, on this World Tour. My God it’s exciting!

Ideal measurements:

  • Length: 6.5 meters (21.325 feet)
  • Width: 1.81 meters (5.938 feet)
  • Weight empty: 115 Kg (253.5 pounds)