The team

The team has always been at the heart of Serge’s running adventures. There are several “pillars” of the team, René and Ludovic who have participated in several crossings, but also Eliane, Bertrand, Daniel, Thomas, the “Carrier Pigeons” and many others. Over time and during longer and longer crossings, these names have become part of the adventure. It is essential for team members to be multi-skilled and adaptable.

Laure has organized all the races since 1999. On this new challenge she will be in charge of all the on land logistics, assisted Bertrand Plaquevent and René Girard. Two four-wheel drive type vehicles, equipped with roof top tents will follow Serge with all the necessary gear. There will be other experienced followers who will join the team during land crossings, since there will be three.

The logistics are always impressive but for those who know what such an adventure entails, performance and security have a price !

For the maritime portion there will be no team with Serge, who will be alone on the water (hoping of course to have as company some mermaids, dolphins and experienced sailors). The team will consist of 3 people who will stay on land but who will assist Serge when he reaches land: Laure, Serge’s partner for logistics (transfer of the boat), and Dominique Conin technical consultant for preparation of the voyage and to coordinate weather routing. And last but not least Bertrand (who suffers from sea sickness) is studying the electric and electronic equipment on the boat and will provide maintenance when the boat is transferred from sea to land and land to sea.

Laure Magnan alongside Serge Girard

Laure Magnan : age 42, she thought she was on early retirement after an overdose of organizing the 2011 LA-NY Footrace. She is again ready to participate and give support to Serge. She is not sure how she will put up with the long absence of her Dear Heart while he is at sea. Currently, she continues her physio-therapist replacements.

Bertrand Plaquevent
 age 53 is an electrician who over the past 17 years in his spare times is also a runner. Bertrand says he was lucky to be a Bertrand Plaquevent et René Girard“support crew member” on the European Tour and to have been trained by René and Daniel, which helped him become a part of the team. Since then whenever he has an opportunity and his boss lets him, he joins Serge on new challenges.

René Girard : age 65, retired, is a sportsman who walks runs, bikes and skis. He has discovered a new occupation, “support crew member” on Serge’s different challenges, and a life style which he now likes, that of a nomad. His motto is “always ready to leave with a back pack ready so he can be somewhere else”».

Charlie and Dominique Conin

Dominique Conin : Age 62 retired. 14 Transat race, 3 time record holder for Atlantic crossing on the catamaran Jet-Services, Two time ocean racing world champion, The Around the World Race 93/94, for 19 years an instructor at the National Sailing School of Beg-Rohu, (government qualification 3rd level sailing), 25 years of routing with the best racers, 4 Figaro races and a long list of ocean racing victories.

Of course there are other people who are involved in this event: family as well as friends. Serge also calls upon professionals for his physical and psychological preparation and for the preparation of his boat.