The project : a World tour

A lifelong dream: To go Around the World
Le projet de Serge Girard de tour du MondeIt’s something I have thought about for years and the idea has evolved over time. The concept, the itinerary and the length of time spent have all changed but in 2012 the idea took its final shape in my mind.
There is one connecting thread, a World Tour.

Yes but how? On foot, on horseback, by boat….. Certainly on foot: A runner I am and will always be. I love the personal effort to which I am addicted..

70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. How do you cross an ocean? On foot it’s impossible and planes and ferries don’t interest me. I had to find a way. Several conversations I had in 2011 and at the beginning of 2012 gave me an idea. A sport combining pushing and gliding: rowing.

So I began to research the idea on the Internet and I became interested in ocean rowing. Something I imagined reserved for a select few turned out to be a sport more widely practiced than I had thought. I learned that more than 600 people have crossed an ocean solo or in a team; in fact, more people than have run across the continents.

I met several people, notably at the boat show of 2012, who confirmed my feeling that my idée was not absurd. Laure also encouraged in this way. I’m not crazy. The idea took root and became a project: A World Tour rowing across the oceans and running on land./p>

Run and row world tour

The idea took shape in my imagination and my intellect translated it into a project on paper. Now I have to make this project become “reality” and the most difficult is still to come, obtain financing and training.

The « Run and Row Tour » will consist of rowing across 3 oceans and running across 3 continents using only human power, without sail or motor. It will take approximately 2 years. What is more, the sequence of land and sea crossings by human power will take place without a break in the itinerary and in that aspect it will be a world first.