Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

April Fool? -

If someone had told me this morning that Serge would run 15 km today, I would have said April fool. After a copious breakfast, followed by a bout of nausea, Serge had doubts. He doubted his ability to carry out his project, saying that the sequence land-sea and sea-land is no mean feat. He was unable to see himself running again. But in spite of all that, Serge put on his running shoes, the long-sleeved anti-UV T-shirt, because the sun is blazing, and around 11H15 local time he started running. Since landing Sunday he has been unable to walk more than 100 meters at a time! But it works. He left with drawn features and he came back with a relaxed face. Bingo, confidence is back and the morale of the day is that doubt sometimes pushes one forward and you have disregard your fears to achieve your aims.
Serge does not talk a lot about his maritime experience, even if some of us would like more details. In any case, he is happy to see people on the road and have scenery flying by, saying that at sea time passed slowly, even if he was not bored. He explained that he was always on the alert, tense because of the new life in a tiny space that he had to control and always fearful that he would not hold the proper heading, lost in the immensity, with only the sun, his compass and his GPS to guide him. “Nervous tension was enormous and took a lot of energy”
During this time, the trailer was being prepared at Fenerive East, some 15 km to the north of our QG at Mahambo. René, Danz and Pio left to help the welder and his team. They left at 6H30 this morning and reappeared this evening at 19H00.
PS: In explanation of the trace on the map of the website. When a beacon is stopped at point A and switched on at point B, by default the 2 points are joined. That is why you have a straight line traced between Sainte Marie and Mahambo. This morning when Serge started his beacon for his jog, a line connected Sainte Marie to Mahambo. Of course, this line, which is not marked by “tracker” points, is not counted in the mileage