Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

Middleton does not want to leave the water -

Our ears are glued to the weather reports to know if Middleton will be able to get out of her bath or if she will stay in Mahambo. No, this is not a joke, and even if Middleton is 50 meters from the shore the wind and waves today are keeping us from bringing her out without risk of damage. We will wait until tomorrow morning at 5H30, an hour we are used to because this morning the alarm went off at 4H45, for breakfast at 5H00. At 5H30, 2 teams went off in 2 different directions: Serge, Momo, Tahine and I headed south and René, Danz and Pio headed north. One team for the « foot race » and one team for the « trailer ». Both teams will work all morning for the same result “to move forward”. At noon, everyone was back in Mahambo. The trailer is ready so the big day is here to bring Middleton out of the water.
But the weather has decided otherwise: the waves, strong winds and a violent undertow mean that Middleton must stay her Indian Ocean bath. This afternoon the mood is abnormally calm, if not to say grim and it reflects the dark clouds hanging in the sky. I can reassure you that it is still hot and that the mosquitoes still come out faithfully around 17H30 every day.
Tomorrow day will break at 5H30 and we will be at the water’s edge ready for action!
Via the attached link, you will see a paper prepared by the 3rd grade children of the Jean Renoir School in Bourges, a partner of the Run and Row Tour 2015/2016. They are following Serge’s trail and will give you information about the different countries crossed.