Daily Archives: April 20, 2015

It wasn’t the cock crowing -

At 5H00 the alarm went off to announce breakfast at 5H15 because Serge wanted to run from the baobab to his boat and then back to where we are staying, which is a bit further!
Danz and Hassina go along to guide Serge on this short run. When he gets back, Serge tells me that he would have like to continue because he felt so good on the road…. It’s impossible to stop the man!
After his shower, we leave together for Majunga to take care of various items which this evening I find too boring to list. We are knocked out by the heat. Is it a change of rhythm that upsets our thermostats?

Back around 12H30, we lunch, then Serge leaves, always accompanied by Dan and Hassina, for the Malagasy Maritime Authority to have his Temporary Admission book stamped. Serge’s departure for Mozambique has been confirmed for Wednesday, April 22 so I have to organize René’s and my departure for Maputo, then Namula. I ask myself if it is preferable to wait here a few days, in case Serge comes back to the coast, for whatever reason, or to go immediately to Mozambique, where there is so much to do to prepare Serge’s arrival.
Tomorrow, all our attention will be directed toward “Sir Middleton” whom we did not see today. Serge contacted the team of routers and spent quite a bit of time going over paper maps but also the maritime charts on the Internet. He appears to calmly soak up all the information. Thanks to René for the beautiful photos of the dugouts, which give a good idea of what the “Majunga world Tour” is all about. Each dugout has a sail from a country, region or province partner and schools study the history of each of the countries. Again, it was Delphine who had the brilliant idea. It has become an unmissable event in Majunga over the Easter weekend.