Majunga on the horizon -

61.3km en 8H17′
Tomorrow we will reach the terminus of this terrestrial, Malagasy epic.
Serge arrived at Sainte Marie on 20 March, a holiday in Madagascar to commemorate the martyrs of the revolution against colonization.
He started running on 1 April. It was not an April fools and he was full of self-doubt. 9 April we reached the capital, Tananarive and were welcomed like kings by the entire Malagasy Tours team. Serge had run 443.4 km.
Tomorrow, Sunday, before noon we will be in Majunga and this evening Serge will have totaled 995.6 kilometers.
We will remember the heat, little rain, with the exception of one storm and a half day of rain. We camped 10 times. Serge drank about 12 liters of water per day on stages of some 60 kilometers. He used 1 pair of Pro Touch P1.0 running shoes. He did an average of 55.31 km per day over the 18 last days of the course. He was relatively at ease on all these stages, with the exception of 4 and 5 when he increased the distance and had to change rhythm, as well as on 16 April when he suffered slight heat exhaustion. The time run and the distance had the regularity of a metronome. He left every morning between 5 am and 6:30 am. We discovered varied scenery and I think we have not seen all the diversity this surprising island has to offer. There are such animal and vegetal diversity and we have only seen a small portion. We end this crossing with a desire to return.
Serge has not yet pressed the button “sea mode”. If all goes well, he should be at the helm of his Middleton on Wednesday, 22 April. We have encouraging news from Xavier and Maxime of Sat Ocean, as well as Michel, who called today. The Mozambique Channel seems to be calm right now.