A new heading -

After studying ways of getting out of the spin cycle on the washing machine, Sat Ocean has just proposed a route to Serge. He has already set his heading to pass to the north of Mayotte and the Comoros before turning west to reach Pemba (see attached photo)
It is a new start and a much needed second wind for Serge. For us here, everything is OK. Serge has time to think and worry about us. It was a lucky day in Nacala, which began at 10H00 with a meeting at Bolloré Africa Logistics; followed by a one-hour conversation with Emilio and Jako (I’m not sure of the spelling). We were delighted. They will take care of Middleton and they had a solution to each of our questions. The meeting was more than encouraging and it lifted our spirits to deal with such enthusiastic people that nothing seems to stop. They put us in touch with Mike and his wife Shirley, who have lived here for 15 years and who run a lodge on the beautiful bay of Ferao Veloso. Kwalala Lodge is a piece of paradise nestled in a palm grove on the coast. Even if we don’t have time to relax here we are filled with the tranquility of the place which invites relaxation. For additional information just click on this link. Nacala « is the place to be » as our English friends say. Mike, with considerable energy, took on the matter of the trailer. He will lend us a trailer and to finish preparations, he went into town with us to look for the wheels he needed. This evening the trailer is ready to go! What amazing efficiency. And what if Serge were to arrive at Nacala?
Tomorrow we will be on the road again and if Serge changes heading then we will change our destination. Rather than going to Angoche, we will be heading for Pemba, a 5-hour drive from Nacala. Tonight in this enchanted place I will be dreaming that Serge will fly quickly to join me!
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