Hiatus -

Today we will do nothing, or almost nothing. Today Laure is not the editor but at 6H30 she is already outside with her best enemy, her laptop, for different consultations and updating.
There have been no meetings, everything is on « slow » and it is a non-working day. For most of the population of Pemba it is a 3-day holiday. We will out only to see if there is a secure car park near our lodge. It’s hot. We will do some laundry because it’s good to smell nice. We have had news from Serge, who is making headway but who does not seem to be satisfied. He finds the time long because of the modification to his course. He’s tired physically and mentally. He should receive his water from French navy’s boat, Adroit. At mid day he was to the north of Mayotte, which should take him around the Comoros islands before traveling down along the east coast of Mozambique to join us. He is suffering from the heat. We are thinking about David and Bertrand who by now must have crossed the border between Namibia and Botswana, along the Kalahari Desert. It must be hot there too. The day is coming to an end and I will say goodnight. René