Daily Archives: May 28, 2015

Thank you Lee : a sapphire in our Ali Baba’s Cave -

My name is Lee Hecht. I am Serge and Laure’s neighbor in Normandy. For the past ten years I have accompanied Serge on his races: Paris-Tokyo, the Tour of the European Union, Los Angeles-New York and now Around the World. My job?   I translate from French into English the texts and daily logs prepared by Laure for Serge’s website. You can imagine that I am involved in Serge’s achievements on a daily basis and I am full of admiration for his athletic, spiritual and mental abilities. For me, this world tour takes on a new dimension which I have trouble handling because I am a landlubber and the maritime portion terrifies me. If there is someone who can succeed such an undertaking it is Serge. It goes without saying I will be thinking of him every day and I wish him a smooth road and fair winds.