Daily Archives: May 19, 2015

Thank you David -

age 42, I have worked in banking for 15 years.

I have been married to Karine since 1998. We have no children

We have 3 cats: a male Napoléon, 2 females: Epsy and Ysia.

My favorite animal is the fox.

My passions: sport, photography and video. I spend a lot of time on them.

My likes: good meals with friends. I love Calf’s head, tripe, and pig’s trotter, in fact I will eat absolutely anything, and I like everything.

I hate « DIY home improvement »

I am generous and too often impatient

The fact that I will be away for several weeks does not make Karine happy, that’s normal, but she knows that this Adventure is unique and it is a great opportunity for me to cross these countries.

I like to listen to Bruce Springsteen in the car.

My favorite color is blue.

My favorite film is The Big Lebowski by the Cohen brothers.

Aside from Karine and my cats, I won’t miss much, not my work or TV, which I never watch.

My wildest dream, generally speaking, would be to win the lottery so I could be free from daily constraints.

A nightmare I would not like to live: to be imprisoned!

My motivation to be part of the Run and Row Tour is Serge’s success and to be part of the team.

What I expect from my team mates is mutual aide and sharing of unique experiences. We have the advantage of already knowing each other

What I expect from this special trip is to meet the inhabitants of countries that are new to me.

My prognosis for Serge’s success in this adventure is 100%, but it will not be easy and we will be there to support and help him make it to the end.

For me Serge inspires perseverance, courage, the will to succeed and an incredible mental strength.

The role I plan to play in the Run and Row Tour is to be 200% present with the team for Serge’s success.

What do I fear during the trip? Nothing

What I really like about this journey is to be able to make a trip which should remain a memorable experience, through countries unknown to me, and above all to be totally committed to Serge’s success.