Daily Archives: May 5, 2015

Our first jewel, a fire opal -

Brilliant, intense and sparkling, this is our first jewel right out of Ali Baba’s cave. Beware of the 40 thieves, because I’m opening our treasure chest and we will have a lot of jewels to show you. Today, our webmaster
Last name: BRAUDEL
First name: Anne
Nickname: Nanne for her family, ‘La Braud’ for friends
Age: born 16 April 1965 I let you do the math to know my age. This year, 2015, is frightening.
Profession: part math teacher, part IT specialist
Hobbies : Math and computer science and singing in a choir
The name of your pet (s): neither Titi, nor Tom, nor Jerry, nor Nemo, nor Tic or Tac, nor Donald, nor Mickey…
Your favorite animal: the cat
What do you like?: lots of things
What don’t you like?: few things
Your strong point: You will have to ask someone else
Your weak point : a nitpicker
The things you like to find in others : frankness, enthusiasm, generosity, compassion, naturalness
Your favorite music: baroque music in general and in particular The Savages in Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes
Your favorite film : Rear Window with Grace Kelly and James Stewart
Your favorite color : The orange of the setting sun
Your favorite food : A fresh baguette with demi-sel butter
Generally speaking your wildest dream: An equitable world where each individual can flourish and respect mankind and his environment
A nightmare that you would not like to experience: mourning
Define your role in the World Tour: IT consultant
Is this the first time you have participated? Yes, and for a first it has started well with the World Tour!
How long have you been involved? : Since 13 July 2013
What is your job? : All aspects of IT assistance
How do you approach the subject (problems for you in your job): with pleasure, Serge and Laure have lots of ideas which I like to bring to fruition.
What do you think of this World Tour?: total madness
Serge’s chances to succeed: Inch Allah!
What do you feel about Serge and the total project? : Complete respect
What excites you in this project? : The voyage
A word from Laure: Anne is a fire opal; all fire, all flame, an exuberant enthusiasm, complete availability, fired by the desire to see improvement. An incredible association for the past few months and which will continue during the World Tour.
The chest is closed for the evening and it will open soon to reveal a sapphire.