Thank you Bertrand -

Surname   Plaquevent > First name Bertrand > Nickname le Bernique (the Limpet > Age 54 > Profession   Electrician > hobbies   Foot races, DIY, gardening, travels > your favorite animal. I have yet to discover!!! > What do you like? My family> what don’t you like: solitude and indifference > your qualities: exactness, receptiveness, enthusiasm > your defect, inflexibility, too persnickety > the qualities you like to find in others, honesty.

The defects you don’t like to find in others: hypocrisy > what does your wife think about your absence? That it’s good luck to be able to take part in this wonderful adventure > your favorite music Queen, Véronique Sanson, James Blunt > your favorite film Gladiator, Australia > Your favorite color, Blue > your favorite food, a good steak tartare with French fries « yum » > What won’t be missing from your luggage, my knife, an adapter, my camera > Something that will not be in your luggage, my PC from work > What will you not miss during the trip, my daily routine

What will you miss during the trip, my soft bed and my sweetheart > your wildest dream> A nightmare you would not like to live, lose Serge on the road and be attacked by a lion!!! >What motivated you to take part in the Run and Row Tour? To make my talent available to the team so that Serge can succeed in his challenge > what do you expect from your team mates? A good feeling of cohesion and that everyone does his best so that things go well and without stress > what do you expect from this particular journey? Discovery of people and countries > what does the World Tour inspire in you? A different way of seeing the world > your prognosis for Serge’s success? 100%, it’s a winner!!! > For you Serge inspires ? Serenity, calm

What does this challenge make you feel? respect> Define the role you will play in this Run and Row tour. No particular role but I will always be available to help Serge and the team. I will be available to take care of Middleton after the maritime crossings. > What do you fear most during the trip? The weather at sea.

> What do you like most about this journey? adventure with a capital A and crossing the south of Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique)