Daily Archives: March 7, 2015

In a few hours -

In a few hours Serge will be at the starting point, in spite of the bad weather. It has been raining since the middle of the afternoon and the forecast for Sunday is the same. The rain here is impressive and exceptionally heavy at this time of year. It crashes down the mountains in torrents on its way to the sea and nothing can stop it. For that reason the road will probably be out after Sainte Suzanne at the ford and there will be no alternate route for pedestrians.
I was surprised to receive calls today asking if the start had been cancelled.
Why cancel the start? Due to bad weather…… and it is then I realized.
No, the start still holds; there is no cyclone on Reunion Island. Once again, Madagascar received the brunt of the storm.
The day passed quickly, too quickly: a video team and other last minute preparations for tomorrow. Some people went on a trek to see a waterfall they had never seen; they came back soaked to the bone.
Finally, the team, the family and friends have gathered around a dish of chicken or fish curry to end the day and drink a toast to the Around the World Tour.
Let’s meet tomorrow. Our heartfelt thanks go to Anne Braudel for a job well done to migrate to Version 2 of the Website. You can follow Serge real time and have access to not only to photos but also video and audio.
See you soon for the beginning of the adventure.

Schedule on 8 march -




Start point on Sunday, 8 march at Barachois in Saint Denis
* 9H45 Signing session
* 10H00 Start





3 days – 3 stages for a total of 180 km
Etape 1 : March, Sunday 8th
Saint Denis – Sainte Rose : 59,5 km
Start point from Barachois : 10H00
Pedestrian path on coast line during 21 km until Sainte Suzanne
Expected schedule : 12H00/12H15
Expected schedule at the finish point (Sainte Rose) : 18H00
Etape 2 : On 9 march: Sainte Rose – Saint Pierre (Grand Bois)
Etape 3 : On 10 march: Saint Pierre (Grand Bois) – Saint Gilles (L’Ermitage-les-Bains) on the beach