Daily Archives: March 14, 2015

Another farewell -

The family and part of the team left us early the afternoon. They should have seen Serge leave Thursday or Friday and goodbyes should have been said on the pontoon of the marina. We must accept the situation and we are all aware that Serge will not take to the sea for this first gallop unless the conditions are optimal!
I will have an opportunity to speak more about the notion of « without a break in the itinerary, » which does not mean without a break in days run or rowed. The period chosen for the start of the world tour depended on the oceanic conditions and the cyclone season. The Atlantic Ocean does not have a cyclone season; there are only downwind conditions of more or less intensity. However, the Indian and Pacific Oceans do have periods of cyclones, which Serge must avoid. We have calculated as best we can the time for Serge to spend running so he will arrive in Valparaiso at a favorable time. It’s conundrum but nothing is left to chance; we can’t do what we wish.
The difficulty of this journey resides in the sequence and transition land/sea and sea/land. We have to keep in mind that running across a continent is an adventure in its own right; it’s the same for an ocean crossing. It is up to Serge to link the challenges. In order not to be overwhelmed, Serge and I have chosen to break up the stages, not to see the world tour as a whole, at the risk sinking. Finally, for various reasons, which I will be able to discuss during these long months, the management of the boat as it nears the coast and enters harbors, as well as its transfer from point A to point B will always be periods of great tension. If the boat breaks, the adventure stops. Conditions at sea will also put a hold on every start; you have only to read Alone by Gérard d’Aboville to realize how it is essential to wait for the right moment to take to the water. It is what we are living right now. Patience is a virtue and we are going to have to be virtuous and patient. The last point which we do not know, is how much time it will take Serge, after being at sea for several months, to be able to run again. We do not know and we have found no information on this subject.
So, you can understand that this is not just a giant biathlon, where the 2 disciplines are linked, smoothly without delays and problems. I would add that it is easier to put on running shoes than it is to prepare a boat for an ocean crossing. This is obvious but worth mentioning.