Daily Archives: March 11, 2015

Middleton at the Le Port harbor -

Middleton came through the tropical storm unscathed, well lashed down to the pontoons of the marina of La Pointe des Galets. which is very sheltered. The reception there was marvelous and I would like to thank the Mr. Goulamoussènes, as well as the harbor masters, Jérome Belheurne and Pierre Dalerne, and not forgetting the port handling services as well.
Watched over and bailed out by Michel Besnier during our absence, Middleton is fine with only some 20 liters of water in the rear hold. Bertrand and Serge spent the day bailing and figuring out where the water came from. Three Go Pro cameras were loaded aboard. Monika supervised their installation and gave Serge some advice. Cécile, a young member of the association for mentally and physically disabled, who ran the first 21 kilometers on Sunday with the Run Handi Move Association, came with her parents and to see us and the boat. Between cloudbursts, the family and friends were allowed in the cabin to try to lie down in the very tight living quarters. And lastly, Middleton was baptized with sparkling wine, because we had had enough of the water sent to us by the Gods.