Seasickness and a word from the router, Michel Meulnet -

Report from Michel Meulnet (Sea Rout)
The status of Serge’s route:
The weather for the last 24 hours (little wind and current not favorable) which kept Serge from taking a route sufficiently to the north, near the optimal route….. These are the risks of ocean rowing; and since yesterday because Serge is sick he is unable to row. I have known few rowers who are not seasick the first few days, which is annoying because it means great fatigue and it makes eating difficult.…
In about 24 hours Serge will be better and will be at the oars again….
With nobody rowing, the boat continues to move ahead…! This type of craft is very “sensitive” to winds and currents and can reach a speed that will allow it to cover several tens of kilometers per day without a rower. But the winds and currents have to push it in the right direction (on this trip it’s not bad, actually. Serge has covered 111 kilometers since he started)
We are going to take the necessary steps so that in the next 48 hours Serge (in great shape) can regain a correct position and heading on his route.
Below are the forecasts for the next few days:
Wind from the East to ESE moderate, zone of the current from NE to cross, values between 0.6 and 1.2 knots
Wind E 7-13 knots
Possibility of showers
Swells SSE 1.3meters 11secondes
Current NE 0.6 a NNE 0.8 knots
Pressure 1014 hpa
Wind E 10-13knots
Swells SW 1.3meters 12secondes
Current NE 1 knots
Pressure 1014 hpa
Winds ESE a SE 5-7knots
Swells SSW 1.4meter 10secondes
Current NE 0.8 knots
Pressure 1016 hpa