Plan B -

What is there to say other than there should have been a solution so we will not see Serge still going around in circles next Christmas, in the Mozambique Channel opposite Madagascar.
At 5H00 this morning I got up telling myself the time had come to act and take decisions after studying the different possibilities of getting Serge out of this turbulence he is stuck in and which wears him out more every day.
At 5H30 I woke Michel and Maxime…. I’m sorry but my heart stood still when I saw last night’s beacon trail. Yesterday morning we decided to wait but now it is not the time to wait. By the way, Maxime said that we should have taken action 3 days ago, rather than wait and hope conditions would become favorable. It seems evident that they will never be favorable at the intersection of two contrary currents with a ++++wind like there is this morning, which Serge said is at 10 to 15 knots, which allows him to just barely hold a course of 270°, when he should hold to a course of 210° to get out of there…
If there are transverse waves and wind Serge risks capsizing… he has to get away from that spot. The recommendation is to turn into the current and wind, with the waves perpendicular, even if it means minimal progression in proportion to the physical effort, which is enormous. It is worth trying and Serge has understood, so he hangs on.
There are 25 kilometers between him and the ideal spot to the south which will allow him to begin his crossing. It will no doubt mean 2 to 3 days of hard rowing but it’s the only way. It is so difficult to be at a distance and completely helpless but even a homeopathic dose of our presence, mine and the routers’, is decisive.
Serge is watched over like a pot on the fire and that’s why the points on the beacon have been set at 15 minute intervals, not at hourly intervals, which is the norm. I would like to thank in particular the constant presence today of Maxime from Sat Ocean, with whom I conversed a lot by phone and e-mail.
Even if Serge is alone on the water, presence on land is of the utmost importance because it is the only link Serge has to the rest of the world
This evening on the telephone, I felt a stronger link than usual. Our heartbeats were synchronized. The pressure lessened for a moment and we had to think about tomorrow and after tomorrow with optimism. More than ever one has to move forward with confidence, and even if these past days have been demoralizing doubt must not take over. Deep down, I admire greatly what Serge is capable of doing. After more than 17 years, he surprises and impresses me and I feel I must be on a par with it in order to prepare what comes next, even if for the space of a moment I gave in to discouragement and felt so alone and almost paralyzed, being so far from him.