Nutrition Part 1: Breakfast -

Morale and nutrition often go hand in hand and for Serge they represent even more, a pause that marks his days and give bearings in a sea where there are so few, aside from the sun, the stars and of course his measurement instruments.
Breakfast: The routine sets in, coffee with sugar, La Trinitaine biscuits which have most kindly bens sent to Reunion Island by our partner. Serge heats his water in a water heater called JetBoil, which had the advantage of needing little power to heat.

Then comes muesli which Serge has adapted because he does not like milk! The brand is Lyo Food, a new Polish brand that has a line of freeze-dried produces: the fruit is grown in their own fields so it is possible to track the quality of the ingredients used, which are guaranteed 100% fresh and natural. Serge has a choice of 3 breakfasts called Chocolate Morning, Sweet Morning and Healthy Morning. He exchanges powered milk and water for orange juice and really enjoys this morning meal which has a value of about 200 kcal.
He eats a second item of this brand: Fruit, and there is a large selection. They have the advantage of not needing to be moistened before eating. They come in a snack package which is easy to use and the fruit are in pieces, not mixed. They have been cooked before being freeze-dried, contrary to most foods of this type. For 30 grams of fruit you get about 100 calories and Serge eats them at breakfast and then as a snack during the day. He drinks an average of 3 liters of water per day + the extras (some Coca Cola, coffee, orange juice)
Since the adventure is long and we will always have something to talk about, I am splitting in 2 parts the chapter on nutrition and soon I will talk about the other meals of the day. It is 5H00 in France, for Serge 8H00 (he has stayed on Reunion Island time) and for me 7H00 (I am on Madagascar time) and he has just picked up his oars after his breakfast. He was all excited because he saw a boat in the distance.
Finally, at 23H00 yesterday, Michel, our router (he belongs a bit to me too) sent a text to Serge, who heard the “bips” in spite of his ear plugs, saying that he had to change his heading. You can see it on the tracer at the time of 21H00
René and I are leaving for Tamatave today with Momo and Danz
See you tomorrow